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Medad - Are there any 'Palestine Firsters?'

Yisrael Medad..
24 January '12..

JPost correspondent Benjamin Weinthal did a yeoman's job highlighting the apparent latent anti-Semitism at CAP and the use of the term "Israel Firster", and, because of all the apologetica, I guess we can now adopt the corresponding term "Palestine Firsters" and it would be acceptable to those progressive radical liberal forces who can't stand Israel.

One definition of "Palestine Firster" would be to support, aid and abet the Palestinian Authority and groups claiming to represent the interests of what is called the "Palestinian people," even though that assistance apparently is injurious to Israel, is helping foment terror and violence and moreover, is not benefiting the Arabs of the former territories of the Palestine Mandate.

What's an example of "Palestine First" activity? Well, at the end of December we had this:

The US State Department said Congress has released $40 million in aid to the Palestinians, part of the nearly $200 million that was frozen over their bid for full UN recognition.

"We have been working with Congress for some time, because we don't think it's in US national interests to keep this money frozen," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters, saying US diplomats were "gratified" by the move. The monies, provided through the Economic Support Fund, are targeted for economic and humanitarian support.

What could be "Palestine First" about this, in a negative sense? I ask you to read this from January 3:

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama State Department proudly announced an initial contribution of $55 million [above was $40 - YM] for Palestinians living in the West Bank, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East. President Barack Obama and the State Department claim the $55 million contribution will provide critical health, education, and humanitarian services to five million Palestinian refugees in the region.

...What the State Department neglected to mention regarding the Palestinians in Lebanon is that they are undergoing training by the Lebanese-based terrorist group Hezbollah, say many counterterrorism experts.

The State Department's press release claims that United States recognizes the critical role the Agency plays in assisting Palestinian refugees and maintaining regional stability...Sadly, Israeli intelligence sources say some of the aid money is used to purchase weapons such as fully-automatic firearms, rockets, and explosives.

In 2011, the United States provided $75 million to the United Nations West Bank/Gaza emergency programs... However, the US... is not allowed input into the school curriculum which is notoriously anti-Israeli. In fact, the Law Enforcement Examiner in 2011 ran stories regarding the indoctrination of children and the terrorist training provided by Hamas to youngsters living in Gaza.

In December 2011, the Law Enforcement Examiner reported that members of Palestinian groups, including terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, met with representatives from President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party on Tuesday in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt's representatives at the meeting included members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists.

The other side of "Palestine First," I guess, is "Israel Almost Last." Consider that back in November, there was this:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton phoned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday night and demanded that he release Palestinian tax revenue that Israel has frozen for more than a month after UNESCO accepted the Palestinians as a member. A senior U.S. official and an Israeli source familiar with details of the conversation say Clinton called Netanyahu after messages relayed to him in recent weeks on the tax money were not answered positively.

(And in case you're interested, you can watch her here.)

Well, if Hillary wants Netanyahu to fund Israel's own demise, then that surely could qualify as a definition of a "Palestine Firster." After all, if that isn't "Palestine First," what else could be?

Of course, the progressive anti-Israel crowd would be upset. Mairav Zonszein has already called US President Barack Obama, yes, you guessed it, an "Israel Firster":

"Obama’s campaign video is ‘Israel firster’ material."

No end to the illogical, hateful attitudes.


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