Thursday, July 2, 2020

Surprise! EU Still Trying to Fund Palestinian Terror-linked NGOs - by Khaled Abu Toameh

Europeans have long funded dozens of NGOs that openly support and promote anti-Israel violence and incitement. In response to the apparent EU move to change the rules of the game, Palestinian groups are also turning the tables on the Western donors, by condemning, pressuring and threatening them. It remains to be seen whether the Europeans will cave in to Palestinian threats of retaliation and drop their demand that EU money actually feed hungry people rather than feed the Palestinian terrorists' hunger for Jewish blood.

Khaled Abu Toameh..
Gatestone Institute..
01 July '20..

For many years, Palestinians have received unconditional funding from Western donors.

Here is how it worked: Palestinian organizations would submit an application for funding, and the donors would automatically sign the check or approve the wire transfer of millions of dollars or euros to the Palestinians' bank accounts.

In a nutshell, the Palestinian attitude regarding Western funding has always been along the following lines: "You Westerners owe us this money because you contributed to the establishment of Israel after World War II. Thus, you have no right to set any conditions for the funding. Just give us the money and shut up. Any refusal to comply with our demands will result in our rage, and possibly terrorism and other forms of violence, not only against Israel, but also against you [non-Muslim] 'infidels' in the West."

Against this backdrop, it is easy to understand why Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are now furious with the European Union (EU). Recently, the EU and its member countries have had the audacity to demand that EU taxpayer money not end up in the hands of terrorists or terrorist organizations.

The donor countries, in other words, appear finally to have woken up to the fact that their money has been going into the coffers of Muslim terrorists and Arab extremists who continue to call and work for the elimination of Israel.

There are signs, however, that the EU is about to surrender to Palestinian pressure and threats.

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