Sunday, April 5, 2020

Surprise? Palestinian Authority rewrites Hans Christian Andersen's "It's Quite True" - the making of a Corona fairy tale - by PMW

PA rewrites Hans Christian Andersen - It’s Quite True - How the PA turned one spit on the ground into a deliberate Israeli plot to infect Palestinians with Coronavirus and “get rid” of all Palestinians

Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus..
Palestinian Media Watch..
02 April '20..

               The making of a Corona fairy tale

Once upon a time there was an Israeli soldier who spat. He didn’t spit on a door handle. He didn’t spit on a home. He just spat on the ground near a car.

How the PA turned one spit into a grotesque Israeli plan to infect and get rid of Palestinians, is reminiscent of how one feather turned into five hens in Hans Christian Andersen’s It’s Quite True.

In the fairy tale a hen plucks out one of her feathers and jokingly says that the more she plucks the more beautiful she will be. Another hen tells her friend that the first hen plans to pluck out all her feathers to be more beautiful to catch the rooster. The story is retold and exaggerated by hens, owls, and pigeons until the story comes back to the first hen who doesn’t recognize it is about her since the story now is of five hens who plucked themselves naked, and pecked at each other until they all bled to death. The first hen is shocked and condemns the feather plucking hens.

Seeing how the PA turned that one soldier’s spit into a major Israeli conspiracy to infect Palestinians with Coronavirus, one could almost imagine that the PA was inspired by the famous fairy tale.

Here’s PMW’s presentation of the Palestinian version:

Once upon a time, one Israeli soldier on patrol spat on the ground near a car. The Palestinian Authority wanted to alert Palestinians and rushed to let everyone know in their daily paper: “A few days ago, dozens of occupation soldiers spit on cars of [Palestinian] residents and the door handles of the homes.

The more the writer wrote, the more details just popped into his head: “Soldiers were seen spitting everywhere in a number of Hebron’s neighborhoods.”

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