Friday, September 13, 2019

Surprise? Large majority of Palestinians say the conflict should continue even AFTER they get a state - by Elder of Ziyon

Here we have actual evidence that a two-state solution is not a solution at all. Rather, Palestinians themselves say that it should bring more terror and attacks.

Elder of Ziyon..
12 September '19..

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy keeps slowly releasing the results of a poll of Palestinian opinion from July. We looked at some earlier results, and the new releases are just as awful.

Mostly consistent across generations... was rejection of permanent peace with Israel. Asked if a two-state solution should be “the end of conflict with Israel,” just 34% of young West Bank respondents answered yes; the proportion was even lower among older residents (25%).

In Gaza, overall opinions on this and many related issues were somewhat more moderate, but the generational difference was reversed there: 38% of young Gazan respondents said that a two-state solution should end the conflict, while 46% of their elders agreed with that ideal.

Averaging these numbers out, the number of Palestinians who want to keep the conflict going even after they get a state outnumbers those who disagree by a 2-1 margin.

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