Friday, September 16, 2016

Who actually gets to decide the Capital of Israel?

...Does the Czech Republic get to decide where the capital of Israel is located? Does The Guardian? And if so, why pick Tel Aviv? Why not Be’er Sheva or Eilat? Does Israel get any say at all in deciding its own capital? How does this work with other countries in the world?

Daniel Pomerantz..
Honest Reporting..
15 September '16..

In 2012, HonestReporting forced the The Guardian to apologize for unilaterally deciding that Israel’s capital city is not actually Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv.

This was no mere mistake: when approached to make a correction, The Guardian initially refused, and effectively took the position that Israel was wrong about the location of its own capital. The Guardian backed down and apologized only under threat of litigation.

Thanks to HonestReporting’s efforts, Ofcom, Britain’s press regulatory body at the time, changed its rules and The Guardian changed its entire “style guide,” which means the newspaper now has an overall policy of referring to Israel’s capital as “Jerusalem.”

Last week, the Czech Republic bowed to pressure from Palestinian groups, and announced its textbooks would teach schoolchildren this very same fallacy: that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv.

The country later backed down, only after significant diplomatic pressure from Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat.

However, this double standard remains all too common: the United Nations, a variety of countries throughout Europe and Asia, and the entire Arab world have declared that Jerusalem is not Israel’s capital, even though they don’t decide capitals for any other country on Earth.

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