Thursday, September 15, 2016

When a Palestinian ethnic cleansing mob immediately tried to murder 2 young Jewish women

...Advocates of Palestinian statehood don't like to talk about incidents such as the Tulkarm near-lynching. They like to pretend such things are aberrations that involve only some tiny minority of Palestinians. Yet somehow, these wrong-turn lynch mobs seem to be all over the place

Stephen M. Flatow..
14 September '16..

Talk about bad timing for the Palestinian PR machine. Just as the Palestinian Authority seemed to have Israel's prime minister on the defensive over his "ethnic cleansing" remark, wouldn't you know it--two young Jewish women accidentally drove into the Palestinian Arab city of Tulkarm this week, and a Palestinian ethnic cleansing mob immediately tried to murder them.

Granted, the two women were wearing Israeli Army uniforms. But so what? The U.S. State Department and J Street are always telling us that the average Palestinian is moderate and wants to live in peace with Israelis. Why should the mere sight of an Israeli Army uniform on a young woman fill them with murderous rage?

The two women weren't establishing a Jewish settlement in Tulkarm. They weren't massacring Palestinians. They weren't oppressing anyone or implementing an apartheid regime. In fact, there hasn't been an Israeli military government ruling Tulkarm since 1995. The Palestinian Authority has been the "occupier" there for the last 21 years.

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