Monday, February 22, 2016

Facing up to the death cults: ISIS, the PA and Hamas - by Arnold Roth

...From observation, it's to us clear the Palestinian Arab regimes adopt the same approach and for much the same reasons. What chance that mainstream news reporting is ready to stare into this abyss and draw conclusions?

Posters eulogizing terrorist-children are a
right across the Palestinian
 Arab social media [
February 2016 image]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
22 February '16..

For reasons that baffle us, reports about the growing involvement of children in terrorist attacks launched in the name of the Palestinian Arabs and their various causes only rarely focus on the age of the attackers.

This has implications at least as weighty for the Arab side as it does for us Israelis. who are left to ponder some impossible challenges relating to how to keep our society and families safe while trying to deal in a humane fashion with the people dispatching children on missions of calculated murder - and with the children themselves.

These thoughts are sparked by two new reports.

One is a news item recounting how ISIS is heavily promoting a video clip [here] in which one of its foot soldiers in the bloodbath that is today's Syria kisses his young son goodbye after persuading him to sit inside a bomb-laden car that then explodes to plan. And yes, we did write "heavily promoting".

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