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Cause and Effect: Incitement, its Harvest and the Numbers - by Arnold Roth

...more data-points that keep going unreported. One is the number of posters eulogizing the terrorists who are killed in the course of doing these attacks - the so-called martyrs of the Palestinian Arabs. The anecdotal evidence from scanning Facebook, Twitter and other Arabic-speaking parts of the social media is that the rising tide of Palestinian Arab barbarism is happening against a sound track of constant incitement from the highest levels of the Mahmoud Abbas regime in Ramallah. The return on that "investment" is plain for anyone who wants to see. Not enough people do.

Cause and effect [From a Palestinian Authority
government-controlled television broadcast
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 February '16..

Data from the Israel Security Agency (aka Shin Bet) published yesterday shows that this beleaguered country of 8 million saw an almost three-fold increase in people injured in acts of terror during the year just ended, compared with a year earlier.

Statistics, as families of the victims of terror know much too well, are a cruel and dehumanizing way to think about the losses that a society suffers when terrorists do their savagery. They inevitably mask the complexity, drama and fine detail that have impacted the lives being reported - not only of the victims but of those who shared lives with them.

But numbers play an important role and the trends they reveal demand to be understood.

Start with the number of Israeli deaths by terror: 20 in 2014, 28 in 2015. Year-on-year comparisons hide a lot of detail, but an increase of 40% is significant on any view. So is the breakdown of where the victims were found: by far, most were civilians: 25, comprising 22 Israelis, 2 foreign nationals, one Palestinian Arab). Members of the security forces killed in terror attacks: 3. Understand now why the apologists for the Palestinian Arab side call it resistance?

Hamodia notes how those victims were killed: 16 in shootings (of which 5 involved both shooting and stabbing); 8 by stabbing; 3 by vehicle attacks (car-rammings); one by rock hurling.

Injuries from acts of terror grew astonishingly: 53 in 2014, 239 in 2015. Putting some context around that, previous Shin Bet annual terror surveys showed the number of terror attacks rising steadily, then flattening this past year:
2012: 578
2013: 1,271
2014: 1,793
2015: 1,719

The "yield" of deaths and injuries per attack, the obvious purpose of all this savagery, keeps growing.

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