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What do the Palestinian Arabs actually think?

....Main takeaway (in our view): when columnists and analysts speak of the desire of Palestinian Arabs to live in peace, to get on with ordinary, quiet, constructive lives - as compelling as this thought is, the data don't support it. Anyone paying attention to the incitement pumped, generation after generation, into their communities and heads will not be surprised.

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This Ongoing War..
22 September '15..

A new made-by-Palestinian-Arabs poll of Palestinian Arab opinion offers some data-backed insights into what the people on the other side of the boundary say they feel when they are talking to their own rather than to the BBC or France24.

Some highlights about what the Palestinian Arabs say they think:

Two-thirds want Mahmoud Abbas to resign now. He is the long-serving head of Fatah, PLO and the Palestinian Authority. As for who should replace him, 32% say they want Marwan Barghouti, a convicted murderer serving a long sentence in an Israeli prison cell. 19% say Ismail Haniyeh who is a leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 8% say Rami Al Hamdallah, the current PA prime minister. Notably, the man frequently mentioned as the successor to Abbas, the perennial "chief negotiator" Saeb Erekat, scores a distant 4%.

No less than 59% of Palestinian Arabs hold the belief that Hamas won "the Gaza War", meaning last summer's Operation Protective Edge. But interestingly how they view the result depends in large measure on where they live. of the Arabs living in the Gaza Strip itself, who saw the action on their streets and through their windows, 42% say their side were the winners. But in Judea and Samaria, where the Arab experience of the fighting was via television, Twitter and preachers in the mosques, 69% of them imagine that in some sense, Hamas were victorious.

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