Friday, September 4, 2015

Mr. Human Rights Defender, a question if we may

The question: Bassem Tamimi, tell us in simple words: are you as delighted by your cousin Ahlam Tamimi's massacre of Jewish children as she is? Have you criticized it ever, anywhere? Will you condemn it here and now?

A syndicated photo from October 2011, one of many depicting
Nabi Saleh as the village celebrated the impending arrival
of a beloved son, Nizar Tamimi. The caption describes him and
 the fiancee he had either never met or met just once,Ahlam Tamimi,
laconically and inaccurately as "married while incarcerated"
. Hardly worth mentioning, in the eyes of the editors, that both are
convicted, unrepentant murderers in the service of Palestinian
Arab terrorist organizations [ Image Source:
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
04 September '15..

Bassem Tamimi who heads the business that stages clashes each Friday in Nabi Saleh ["17-Mar-13: A little village in the hills, and the monsters it spawns"] is about to spend a month criss-crossing the United States, selling his wares [itinerary here]. Tamimi is going to be hosted by various American groups, including - and we admit to being shocked by this - Amnesty International. (But be aware Amnesty has a long track record of aligning with the Tamimi family's causes and has crowned Bassem Tamimi a "prisoner of conscience" which resonates in the world in which it is active.)

"Human rights defender" Tamimi has been in the news this past week ["02-Sep-15: Lights, action, camera, bite: Scenes from a cognitive war"] because of some powerful video and photographic imagery depicting his son in a headlock and his daughter sinking her teeth into the arm of an IDF soldier. As we try to explain, knowing where Bassem Tamimi was physically standing, and what he was doing there as his children were "attacked" is key to unpackaging the sham that dozens of reporters who regularly cover the weekly Nabi Saleh performance know but don't dare reveal. It's an open scandal.

Do Amnesty's supporters know of
its special attachment to the terrorist-loving
village of Nabi Saleh
From experience, we know to expect an outpouring of American college-student and liberal-minded sympathy and understanding for the Tamimi clan's "struggle" to "resist". The New York Times bought into that enthusiastically [here] two years ago, even donating the front cover of its enormously influential Sunday Magazine to advance the marketing of the "non-violent Nabi Saleh" myth.

We're also expecting sane people with a revulsion for terror to come out of this encounter flexible views of terrorism and how to think about it. The process is, sadly, familiar to anyone observing the moral relativism currently infecting broad swathes of some of the Western world's best educated people.
with more

For those who decide to go along to hear Tamimi, we have just one request.

After a glance at these images below, and perhaps a quick review of just one of numerous articles that draw attention to the blood-lust, jihadist savagery and open child abuse in which the Tamimis are deeply mired ("Bassem Tamimi and the Use of Children as Political Props", for instance), we are asking that someone in the audience or from among the reporters attending asks him the question below.

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