Monday, January 19, 2015

The dilemmas of funding and enabling terror

...We have personally contacted nearly all of those Western parties over the past three weeks. We have told them about the open adoration (in Arabic, not in English) expressed by JMI's students for a homicidal jihadist who keeps saying publicly how proud she is to have killed so many Jewish children. We have explained how the JMI has failed to condemn the obscene homage, preferring first to simply ignore it, then to hide it, and now, through euphemism and double-talk, to pretend that it has been adequately addressed and reversed.

This self-confessed murderer, honored as
the "success model" of Jordan Media 
journalism grad students, has her own weekly
TV show on a Hamas 
satellite channel.
From studios in Amman, she incites and
encourages terrorism
to a global audience.
Here she demonstrates prison-friendly dinner
recipes in
a video we found on YouTube.
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
19 January '15..

Here's an update for those who are following our efforts to expose the Jordan Media Institute whose "best and brightest" graduate students of journalism published a homage to a confessed and convicted murderer in early December 2014. Under the headline Success Model, they paid tribute to a female journalism student who had planned and engineered a massacre in the center of Jerusalem in 2001 on behalf of Hamas. The explosion inside the Sbarro pizzeria - augmented by the use of nails to make the bomb's devastating effect even more vicious - took the lives of our daughter and 14 other victims, most of them children.

The details of the JMI scandal are in several of our previous posts listed at the foot of this one.

We are pursuing the JMI because of what it and the scandal represent. For too long, and in too many cases, enthusiasm for terrorism is quietly excused or overlooked or ignored because it's perceived as being part of the landscape, something about which nothing can be done etc. There is never any excuse for that.

But the JMI case is different. It is happening at a well-run, promising and potentially important pro-democracy, pro-human rights institution which exists because of the generous encouragement, guidance, support and funding of well-intentioned Western governments and NGOs (we named them here) along with a number of Jordanian businesses.


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