Saturday, January 3, 2015

Six die by execution in Palestinian Arab refugee camp. And the outrage?

Funny the way news reporting practices look quite different once you decide that for some of the news organizations, what gets published is not necessarily what's news but what's useful.

Abdul Hadi [Image Source]
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
02 January '15..

Ambassador Anwar Abdul Hadi, a senior member of the PLO leadership, has just gone public [here] on a startling and potentially explosive disclosure: during the past two weeks, the Palestinian Arabs' sworn enemy executed six Palestinian residents of a refugee camp in the Nablus area. Stand by for yet another UN Security Council emergency meeting, and furious condemnation of Israel.

You don't see any sign of this in the usual news streams? Wait.

Ah, turns out it's not the Israelis who did it. And oops, sorry; it wasn't actually in Nablus (we made that up) but in the vicinity of Damascus, Syria. The Yarmouk refugee camp, according to the headline. UNRWA, the bizarre Palestinians-only refugee relief agency, has a heavy footprint there, operating "20 elementary schools and eight preparatory schools in the camp and sponsors two women's program centers" but evidently is unable to prevent the execution of residents.


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