Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Flunking Its Own Quiz on Palestinians at the Christian Science Monitor

...Schindler, the quiz's author, is a young journalist, a Brown University student majoring in Middle East studies who is working as a news intern at The Monitor's web desk. Hopefully, The Christian Science Monitor's editorial oversight extends even to interns writing quizzes writing for the web desk.

Tamar Sternthal..
CAMERA Media Analyses..
10 September '14..

Quizzes and "Things to Know" lists can be a light, fun way for major news sites to present information. They can also be a source of gross misinformation.

The latest example is a July 10, 2014 Christian Science Monitor quiz, still online, entitled "How much do you know about the Palestinians? Take our quiz."

Given the number of factual errors and distortions in the quiz, the question "How much do you know about the Palestinians?" is one that quiz creator Max Schindler might want to ask himself.


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