Sunday, September 7, 2014

A society steeped in the ethos of terror, and the poll results to prove it

...If there's a bright, peace-compatible side to these data, we're struggling to find it.

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
06 September '14..

The most influential of the Palestinian Arab opinion polling organizations, Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) from Ramallah, came out with what they called a Special Gaza War Poll this past Tuesday. A summary of the results is online here.

(The poll was conducted in the five day period August 26-30, 2014. Respondents numbered 1,270, all adults, and were interviewed in 127 locations in the PA-controlled West Bank and the Hams-controlled Gaza Strip.)

We want to share several observations arising from it.

- For those of us living outside Gaza who greeted with horror the reports of school-age children being indoctrinated with full-on Hamas training - ideological and (ahem) practical - in the art of terrorism, and who thought a sense of that horror was shared by Gaza's Arabs, time to think again. Gaza's Palestinian Arabs have embraced the Hamas doctrine in all its grotesque, hate-filled jihadism. They support Hamas to an extent that only Eastern European dictators were able to achieve in a bygone age.

- The strategy of Hamas in intimidating news organizations and their reporters into quietly not reporting on the firing of Hamas rockets from high-density residential neighbours has paid off handsomely. In a classic case of "Whom are you going to believe? Me or those lying eyes of yours?", the Palestinian Arabs living next to those rockets, and shielding those rocket men say it never happened.

- As bad as this war was for the ordinary people of Gaza, there is an incredible appetite by them for more. They believe they won. And if you won, why would you not want more, more, more?


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