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Mr. President, about those humanitarian cease fires

...Speaking of "humanitarian," it's been a bit difficult to hear this word so many times over the past few days. This is a word, Mr. President, that does not even appear in the Hamas lexicon.

Boaz Bismuth..
Israel Hayom..
29 July '14..

Perhaps there was someone in Jerusalem who agreed with U.S. President Barack Obama's (strange) demands for a "humanitarian cease fire without pre-conditions," and his consent (really, thank you so much Mr. President) for Israel's demand to make a Gaza a weapons-free zone, but only within the framework of a future final-status accord.

Israel, it must be remembered, already agreed to six cease-fire proposals since the onset of Operation Protective Edge, including the Egyptian proposal that preceded the ground incursion. Hamas violated every single one. Incidentally, it was Hamas on Monday that perhaps solved the Israeli dilemma whether to say yes to the American proposal or not. The terrorist organization from Gaza, with its resumption of attacks on Monday, made Obama's proposal, much like Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal on Friday, unrealistic. If Obama wants to blame anyone, with all due respect let him turn to Hamas.

Hamas does not want a cease-fire. It continues to fire at Israeli population centers, and leaves the IDF without a choice: We are not stopping until we have victory, a clear one. Extremists of Hamas' ilk are not a rare breed in this neighborhood. God help us if they do not understand that the IDF's only option is victory.

On Monday, Hamas did not want to stop shooting because of Obama's failure to understand that he upgraded the terrorist group during his phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In doing so, the American president damaged Israeli deterrence, thereby ensuring the next round of fighting.

Hamas, currently feeling the Egyptian, Saudi, Israeli and Palestinian Authority's noose tightening around its neck, was incredulous that Washington would actually be the one to throw it a lifesaver. Under normal circumstances, we would expect our sizable American friend -- who has habitually said the good guys must always defeat the bad guys -- to give Hamas a rope with which to hang itself. Can somebody finally explain to the Americans that Hamas is a terrorist organization, not any different from the terrorist organizations that America itself is fighting and has fought?

Apparently Obama truly expects us to agree to a cease-fire under the current circumstances, so perhaps this is the time to offer him a deal: Over the next month we will not interfere in any of America's fights, and America will not interfere in ours. If U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, inspired by Washington, believes a "hand-made hurricane" hit the Gaza Strip. Maybe we should explain to him that in Syria, 1,600 people have been slaughtered in the past 10 days without the world taking an interest.

Operation Protective Edge has already exacted a heavy price from Israel. Every soldier killed is an entire world lost, and on Monday we lost many worlds. The U.S. president needs to understand that the war against Hamas is being waged within the framework of the global war on terrorism, and that Hamas is emerging without any achievements.

Israeli officials on Monday honestly intended to honor the Eid al-Fitr festival marking the end of Ramadan, and to agree to a cease-fire for the sake of Gaza's residents. It was Hamas that proved yet again just how "important" the citizens of Gaza are to it, even during the holidays. If only for this reason, the Obama administration -- which has exhibited considerable fondness for the Muslim Brotherhood -- must actually prevent Israel from agreeing to a "humanitarian cease-fire."

Speaking of "humanitarian," it's been a bit difficult to hear this word so many times over the past few days. This is a word, Mr. President, that does not even appear in the Hamas lexicon.

Original title: Obama's humanitarian cease fires
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