Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hamas want this battle to go on though it's going disastrously for them. Why?

...With each day, it becomes clearer that there's a limit to the patience of a population under fire and possessed of the technology and military power to carpet bomb the murder-minded zealots on the other side of the fence. But try explaining that to a Hamas leadership the key members of which are hiding out in comfortable, air-conditioned Qatar and other Gulf state locations, and in bunkers buried safely and deeply below Gaza's mosques and children's hospitals.

Hamas political head Khaled Mashaal in
his luxurious (and safe) Gulf state boudoir
Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
16 July '14..

The Washington Post's editorial board ask the question that troubles many Israelis as the IDF continues to pound the Gaza Strip and as the jihadists fire more and more of the thousands of rockets stored in their repositories deep within the civilian infrastructure of their cities:

Hamas’s military campaign against Israel has been a dismal failure... [so] why would Hamas insist on continuing the fight when it is faring so poorly?

In "Hamas is playing a dangerous game with Gazan lives | The Post's View", published yesterday, they offer an answer. They say it's the only one that's plausible. They term it "stomach-turning"; most people would agree:

The Islamic movement calculates that it can win the concessions it has yet to obtain from Israel and Egypt not by striking Israel but by perpetuating the killing of its own people in Israeli counterattacks. More than 200 people, including a number of children, have already died in Gaza; Hamas probably calculates that more deaths will prompt Western governments to pressure Israel to grant Hamas’s demands.


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