Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rare insider's insight into how the Abbas regime views chances of achieving peace with Israel

In light of this unusually candid admission from the highest level of the Palestinian Arab kleptocracy, those who executed master terrorist Yasser Arafat's last will and testament and who have presided over the relentless descent of the PA to its current depths, we are left with this one question

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
29 November '13..

A person would have to be entirely disconnected from the news emanating from this part of the world, or an employee of the US State Department, to be unaware of the rising levels of terrorism (yes, rock-throwing at speeding cars meets every element of the definition of terrorism, even when some of the throwers are minors) that endanger the lives of ordinary Israelis on a daily basis.

Notwithstanding, the government of Israel entered into an undertaking during this past summer to free from its prison some 104 killers, every one of them convicted on one or more counts of willful homicide, and - as far as anyone can tell - entirely unrepentant.

(Here's a sampling of those acts of "courage" for which they were sent to long terms behind Israeli bars: "30-Oct-13: The bogus manufacture of heroes and legends" - and trust us when we say, on the basis of many meetings with politicians, journalists and opinion-makers: outside of a small circle of us here in Israel, plus of course regular readers of this blog, the crimes of the 104 are mostly not known and not understood, especially by people who claim that they do know and do understand.)

Even if some of them genuinely were ready to own up to the horrors of which they were convicted by judges and courts, which is a theoretical possibility, the reception extended to them in the most public way by the despicable political leadership of the Palestinian Arabs has turned them into heroes with fat, foreign-aid-funded salaries. (We have more about those salaries here: "10-Nov-13: Who finances those savage acts of terror? And why is this so poorly understood?") Not one of them is ever going to say "I did terror, and I deeply regret what it did to my soul and to the ethos of my people". Not now, not ever.

The reason why Israel agreed to free the 104, and in fact has already set loose 52, depends on whom you want to believe.


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