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Stern - Khadar Adnan - the Voice of Hatred and Terror

Paula R. Stern..
A Soldier's Mother..
21 February '12..

Someone, yeah, yet another brave person hiding behind the Anonymous - let's say Anonymous # 526 has left a comment...

Feeling proud how Israel treated Khader Adnan? I guess you do.

No, I'm not feeling proud at all. Israel captured the head of Islamic Jihad - read those words, understand what this terrorist organization has done and continues to do to Israelis and Jews. This man, this Khadar Adnan is the head of Islamic Jihad in the area of Judea and Shomron/the "West Bank". He didn't like that he was being held under administrative detention. And so he decided to go on a hunger strike. Food was never denied to him, the right to have visitors, etc. - his treatment by Israel was more humane than what Gilad Shalit got, more humane than the treatment of most Israelis captured or trapped by other Arab lands.

According to BBC: [Adnan] is widely believed to be a leader of Islamic Jihad, which Israel has designated a terrorist organisation.

Widely believed to be the leader? Does he deny it? Of course not! He certainly doesn't need the BBC to defend him, but defend him they do. "Israel has designated Islamic Jihad as a terrorist organization." Really?

Make up your own mind - here are some of their activities - is this not terrorism? EVEN for the BBC?

Among the organization’s more vicious suicide bombing attacks the following are worth mentioning:

- Jerusalem , November 2, 2000: a car bomb exploded in the Mahane Yehuda market, killing 2.

- Hadera (a city to the south of Haifa), May 25, 2001: two terrorists carrying explosives blew themselves up in a car next to a bus, wounding 66.

- Binyamina (south of Haifa), July 16, 2001: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated at a bus stop near the train station, killing 2 and wounding 10.

- Kiriyat Motzkin (a city bordering Haifa), August 12, 2001: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated at the Wall Street Restaurant, wounding 16.

- Beit Lid (near Netanya), September 9, 2001: a car bomb exploded, wounding 11.

- Hadera, October 28, 2001: two terrorists rode through the center of the city shooting at passersby, killing 4 and wounding 42.

- On a road near the entrance to an army base situated to the east of Hadera, November 29, 2001: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated on a bus, killing 3 and wounding 9.

- Jerusalem , at the entrance to the Mamilla Hilton, December 5, 2001: an armed attack was perpetrated which left 11 wounded.

- A main intersection near Haifa, December 9, 2001: an attempted suicide bombing attack was perpetrated, leaving 24 wounded.

- The old central bus station in Tel Aviv, January 25, 2002: a double suicide bombing attack was perpetrated in which the PIJ and Fatah collaborated, wounding 23.

- Afula (a city to the south of Haifa), March 5, 2002: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated, killing 1 and wounding 15.

- On a road through Wadi Ara (a valley to the east of Hadera, populated almost entirely by Israeli Arabs), March 20, 2002: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated on a bus, killing 7 and wounding 30.

- The main intersection near Kibbutz Yagur, near Haifa, April 10, 2002: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated on a bus, killing 8 and wounding 15.

- The Megiddo junction west of Afula, June 5, 2002: a car bomb driven by a terrorist who positioned himself close to the bus’ gas tank exploded, killing 17 and wounding 50.

- The Umm el-Fahem intersection in Wadi Ara, September 18, 2002: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated against Israeli police, killing 1 and wounding 2.

- The Karkur intersection in the Wadi Ara area, October 21, 2002: a car bomb driven by two terrorists exploded next to a bus, killing 14 and wounding 50.

- “The synagogue goers path,” a site in Hebron, November 15, 2002: an ambush carried out by three terrorists, killing 12 and wounding 16, including a high-ranking Israeli army officer.

- Netanya, March 30, 2003: a suicide bombing attack was perpetrated at the London Café, wounding 54.

- Afula, May 19, 2003: a female suicide bomber blew herself up at the entrance to the mall, killing 3 and wounding 54.

- Kefar Yavetz, a village in the central part Israel, July 7, 2003: a terrorist forced his way into a house and blew himself up, killing 1 and wounding 6.

- Haifa , the Maxim restaurant, October 4, 2003: a female suicide bomber blew herself up inside the restaurant, killing 21 and wounding 60.

- The Stage Club on the Herbert Samuel promenade near the beach in Tel Aviv, February 25, 2005: a suicide bomber blew himself up next to people waiting in line to enter the club killing 5 and approximately 50.

Do you seriously doubt that this is a terrorist organization?

No, I am not proud - because Israel has given in to his blackmail and has agreed to release him after his being on a hunger strike for 60 days. His complaint is about how he has been treated by Israel and much of the world has joined forces to condemn Israel.

No, we didn't starve him - as Hamas did to Gilad Shalit in Gaza for five years.

No, we didn't deny him visitors and messages to his family and friends - note how they all knew what he was doing. We knew nothing of Gilad...of how they kept him in darkness to the point that his body was seriously malnourished for Vitamin D - in a land that barely sees any rain and likely has more than 330 days of sun a year!

No, we didn't hold him without charging him and we are within the law - and more than he deserves.

So as we cave in to this man, please see below this man of hatred that so many choose to support. This is the man - who calls out wanting to know who will next step up to murder Israelis, who will carry the explosives and fire the guns against my people?

This man choose to starve himself - and I have felt all along that is his option. We did not deny him food. That was always his option - his treatment was always better than what Gilad received and still he complained. And worse, the Israeli government has caved in. Khadar Adnan will go free - I can only wish his victims...past and future, had such a luxury. Each murder by Islamic Jihad in the future - will be because today, terror and blackmail was rewarded.

To learn about the EU's double standard, please read: Daled Amos's blog post on Khadar Adnan and My Right Word on the terrorist leader.


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  1. Should have let him have the" ultimate sacrifice" according to his own words and let him die of hunger, than for them the Pal it will be just another name on the street of sacrifice, shahid, and a message to them from Israel:no more blackmail!