Friday, April 23, 2010

The mendacity of J Street

Meryl Yourish
21 April '10

The New York Times published five letters about Israel yesterday. Two were pro-Israel. Two were not. And one was from Jeremy Ben-Ami, the executive director of J Street, which purports to speak for “most” Jews. Watch as the language he uses gives the impression that the Jewish community agrees with him in large numbers.

President Obama’s understanding of the link between resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s own national security interests finds broad support among American Jews.

There’s a reason he states the above, and it’s not an honest one. See below.

American Jews are not a monolithic community represented by one voice.

Boilerplate. Since its inception, J Street would like you to believe that there is huge disagreement in the Jewish community about Israel. While the saying that you have two Jews and three opinions is correct, there is no such disagreement going on—except in the minds of the ultra-liberal Jews like the ones who advise President Obama that there are huge gaps in agreement in the Jewish community. It’s a self-referential made-up fact.

In fact, polling has consistently shown that a strong majority of American Jews understands the urgent need to achieve a two-state solution and supports this administration’s bold pursuit of that goal.

Yes, we do, and we have. This is nothing new. But Ben-Ami’s mendacity uses this fact to make it seem like AIPAC and other Jewish organizations do not support the two-state solution. This is a deliberate attempt to portray AIPAC and non-J Street organizations as against the two-state solution, which is a flat-out lie.

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