Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gaza extremists want war on Jews of Yemen

Point of No Return
23 April '10
Posted before Shabbat

There's nothing like Jew-hatred to unite terrorist groups. Haaretz reports that a group of Al-Qaeda sympathisers in Gaza has called on their fellow Salafists to wage war on the few beleaguered Jews still living in northern Yemen. (Why? Because they hate Hamas - such is the tortured nature of terrorist politics.) By the way, these are the Jews whom Britain recently said they would take in - or not.

A group of Muslim extremists in the Gaza Strip that is opposed to Hamas has called on Al-Qaida in Yemen to target Jews there in an effort to drive them from their country - part of what the group described as its war against Jews.

According to e-mails sent by a person identifying himself as Ali Hussein, who says he represents A group of Shi'ite guerrillas in northern Yemen opposed to Al-Qaida, a Salafi group based in the Gaza Strip and calling itself the "Abu Amir" group is allegedly calling for attacks on Jewish leaders in northern Yemen. As proof, Hussein sent a scanned hand-written note naming the Jewish targets in Yemen.

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