Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tensions Inside Hezbollah, Assad Using Der Spiegel for Sinister Purposes

Reform Party of Syria
30 October 09

Tensions Inside Hezbollah, Assad Using Der Spiegel for Sinister Purposes

(RPS Intelligence) - - The directorate in the IRGC responsible for Hezbollah in Lebanon has sent a letter to Nasrallah seeking an audit of the funds Iran disburses to Hezbollah on an annual basis. No details of how far back the audit was supposed to cover.

In the aftermath of the fallout of Salah Ezzedine, the Madoff of Lebanon, Iran is suspicious that funds it disbursed to Hezbollah may have been diverted for personal use. What triggered the letter was the knowledge that some of the Hezbollah high-level operatives who lost money with Ezzedine were people of middle-class means to begin with.

As a result of the letter, Nasrallah traveled secretly to the Biqa'a valley in Lebanon for a high-level meeting to discuss the request by Iran.

On another front, Der Spiegel of Germany is preparing a long report on Syria in which it interviews Jamil al-Sayed, one of the main security figures arrested in Lebanon in the aftermath of the Hariri assassination. Our sources tell us that al-Sayed will divulge in the interview that he has been asked by the Lebanese and the UN investigative body to point his fingers at Syria as the main culprit behind the Hariri murder.

Al-Sayed visited Syria several times recently.

RPS sources claim that his visits to Syria were to prepare for the interview by the security apparatus and to provide false intelligence cooked-up in Damascus to derail the UN investigation by using Der Spiegel.

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