Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feiglin: Only Exclusive Jewish Sovereignty on Temple Mount will End Arab Violence

Manhigut Yehudit
The Jewish Leadership Movement
Press release
October 26, 2009...

Commenting on the Arab riots on the Temple Mount Sunday morning, Manhigut Yehudit head Moshe Feiglin said that as long as Jews were more or less banned from the site, Arab rioting would continue.

Feiglin said that the rioting would not end until "exclusive Israeli sovereignty is restored to the Temple Mount, and Jews receive full rights to pray there."


Note: Under Israeli law, freedom of worship is technically permitted to those of all religions on the Temple Mount. In practical application, though, things are not so "democratic".

Unfettered access is granted by Israeli police to Muslims to pray as they wish and when they wish on the Temple Mount.

However, Israeli police only permit Jews to ascend to their holiest site (the Temple Mount) on certain days, they must be off the Temple Mount by approximately 9:15AM, and they are forbidden to pray when on the Temple Mount. If a Jew violates the prohibition of praying on their holiest site, they will be arrested immediately. The police use the excuse that "Jews praying on the Temple Mount is a provocation to the Arabs" in order to continue this anti-Jewish policy. It hardly needs to be stated that the Israeli police would not be so bold as to undertake this policy without the blessing of each sitting Israeli Prime Minister.

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  1. This discriminatory law has been in force for more than forty two years, and its fruits have been that Arabs perceive weakness from Jews and this continue to push for exclusive control.

    The party was over for Arabs in 1948, and we Jews need to assert our exclusive rights to pray on the Temple Mount, and if Arabs behave badly, then they ought to pay the price for incitement of racial hatred against Jews and their rock throwing at us will then cease.

    Obviously granting them the concession of not allowing Jews to pray at our most holy and ancient site has done nothing to allay their education of hate and their harmful actions continue to this day.

    Time to change the law, and permit rabbinic authorities to build a synagogue on the Mount itself, and to change the schedule and permit Muslims only at certain times of the day or week. All other times will be off limits for them, as they have shown that they do not merit the right to be there. And take away all their concession and tourist stands so that they do not make any money from tourists. Bad behavior does not deserve a reward.