Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Surprise! The Palestinian Authority threats are cries for help, but no help is coming - by James Sinkinson

The Palestinians are sinking ever deeper into economic, political and social desperation, but none of the nations ostensibly concerned with their welfare is stepping up.

James Sinkinson..
09 June '20..

We all know the fable of the foolish child who threatens that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he will hold his breath until he dies.

This is the level of desperation—and immaturity—to which the Palestinian Authority has sunk (and not for the first time).

Once again, 85-year-old P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas—now in the 16th year of a five-year term—has refused to accept a transfer of tax revenues collected by Israel on the P.A.’s behalf.

In addition, Abbas has announced a cessation of all agreements with Israel, most notably cooperation between the Palestinian and Israeli security forces in Palestinian-controlled regions of Judea-Samaria (aka the West Bank).

Both these measures are essentially suicide threats—or as psychologists would term them, “cries for help.” The question is, who can help, how, and how quickly?

Financially, the Palestinian economy has been in shambles for years. Its internal commercial engines fall far short in generating tax revenues to support the society. Despite billions in international aid over the decades, the P.A. has failed to apply these funds effectively to develop sustainable industries.

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