Monday, November 11, 2019

A dream that cries out for justice - by Frimet Roth

I urge any Congresspeople or White House officials now contemplating a tete a tete with the terror- abetting Jordanian dictator to remember my child, Malki and the fifteen other victims that Tamimi boasts publicly of murdering.

Frimet Roth..
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly..
10 November '19..

Last week my Malki appeared to me in a dream - as she has only done some four times in the past 18 years.

She felt so close and alive. I welcomed her warmly but with deep reservations, sensing that for some unarticulated reason her stay would be limited. But it was a joy to have her in our midst again.

I remarked to her that she probably only had a basic cellphone and assured her I'd get her a smartphone. On the day of the terror bombing in which she perished, I frantically called her phone in vain for many long hours. My husband reassured me that cell phone lines were all down as a result of the ataack; no need for concern.

So it's no wonder I commented about her phone in my dream.

My apparition of Malki told me she was about to leave on a school trip for a while but I urged her to give that a miss and stay home with the family instead.
Then I awoke, sad, bereft, disappointed, cheated afresh - a feeling I can't truly convey since only a bereaved parent would comprehend it.

Nonetheless, I would like to transmit this dream somehow to the three congressional delegations that flew to Jordan in the past month to honor and praise its dictator, King Abdullah II. Each of them praised him fulsomely for, among other achievements, his commitment to fighting terrorism.

None of the US legislators hinted at, let alone expressly referred to, his regime's refusal to comply with the US Department of Justice's 2017 demand for the extradition of one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Terrorists, Ahlam Tamimi.

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