Tuesday, June 23, 2015

(Video) 'Catch the Jew' Reveals Surprising 'Tribe' Fueling Hate

"...So it's not only Jews and Arabs the way I thought , fighting it out. There is another tribe here, and the tribe is called Europeans, some Americans but mostly Europeans....In reality they have come to this land to implant and instill hatred in the heart of every Muslim against the Jews, and also sponsor self-hating Jews - to catch the Jew doing something wrong, to declare the Jew evil, and to end the the story of the Jews being here. 

CBN News..
Posted 02 June '15..

When it comes to Middle East peace, the world often asks what prevents Israelis and Palestinians from making it work. A new book blames a hidden party for fueling the hate between the two.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiZ-nm8VlF0

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  1. This article is eating away at my gut and being on this side of the Atlantic, and not where I should be, makes me feel even worse. Tuvia Tenenbom put himself at risk to get the material for his book, and the fact that he even had to write it, speaks volumes. It must have been awful for him hearing all the lies....and having to keep up the charade.
    And this Itamar Shapira, the tour guide - wow!!! He should be ashamed of himself!!! OMG - the chutzpah of him!!! And he describes himself as an "ex-Jew" ????
    This just boggles the mind!!