Wednesday, April 15, 2015

From Gaza, where seldom is heard an encouraging word, but...

...Sadly, it's premature for the swords on our side of the fence to start being beaten into plough-shares.

Smoke rises (in this Getty Images photo published in The Guardian)
in October 2013 from 
the mouth of a smuggling tunnel dug beneath
the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. "Egypt's army has
destroyed many of the tunnels on the Egyptian side of Rafah",
 the caption reads
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
14 April '15..

Here's a slightly surprising follow-on to a post we put up yesterday: "13-Apr-15: The carnage resulting from Gaza's Hamas tunnels may now be sharply reduced".

Khaled Abu Toameh, one of the most well-informed and worthwhile news sources in the Arab parts of the Middle East, writes on the Gatestone Institute that Egypt's tough new regime of security measures and laws to strangle the massive number of tunnels running underground between the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip and Egypt is having an impact:

"The smuggling (of weapons into the Gaza Strip) has been stopped almost completely," admitted Abu Mohammed, a Palestinian arms dealer from the town Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. "Rarely does anyone manage to smuggle light weapons or ammunition." ...He complained that it has become impossible to smuggle missiles and rockets into the Gaza Strip... ["T]he cost of one bullet, which used to sell for one US dollar, had doubled in recent months. Similarly, the price of an Egyptian-made AK-47 assault rifle has risen from $900 to $1300"... 

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