Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mysterious un-named Zionist attack dams and the mess that the receding flood waters reveal

...No one was killed. But the affair gives a useful - if depressing - insight into how packaged news on the Arab/Israel conflict (and many other matters) gets its character and makes its way into our living rooms and heads. There is much to fear from today's industrialized mainstream news channels.

The Anadolu (Turkish news agency)
caption reads: 
"Hundreds of Palestinians
were evacuated from their homes
Sunday morning after Israeli authorities
opened a number of dams near the
border, flooding the Gaza Valley in the
wake of a recent severe winter storm.
Anadolu/Ashraf Amra"
Arnold/Frimet Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 February '15..

Here's some follow-up to a post ["23-Feb-15: Dam!"] we published yesterday about the uncritical, lazy and irresponsible way some news agencies carry stories, often originating from notoriously partisan sources, that pin damaging allegations against Israel without bothering themselves to check whether they're true or made-up.

First, a clear and unambiguous assertion: yesterday's widely published news about Israel opening up dams in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip are in the made-up category. The story, based on allegations that no reporter claims to have investigated or proven, exists in order to validate perpetual claims from the Palestinian Arab power structure - in this case, from Hamas - of Palestinian Arab victimhood and Israeli malevolence.

Once invented and handed to gullible reporters and editors, stories like the one about Israel's "attack dams" go public and become part of the news cycle. Their anti-Israel character, it seems, is enough to overcome the absence of a factual basis and the nonsense logic underpinning them.

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