Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surprise! Sweden approves borders of ‘Palestine’ with Israel erased

...That’s the new Swedish government hard at work: sparing no effort on behalf of its constituents in Ramallah and Gaza. Shame about its few remaining constituents in Stockholm and Gothenburg…

Here is a picture of Hillevi Larsson. She is
 a Member of Parliament in Sweden’s extremist
Social Democratic-led government.

Ilya Meyer..
Times of Israel..
03 December '14..

She is happy because she has just received an award from the Palestinian Association of Malmö, Sweden, as thanks for her support for “Palestine”.

Malmö is famous for two things: (1) Mohammed is the most popular name for newborn boys, and (2) its Jews, who have been living there for almost 250 years, are being systematically hounded out of the city. One may or may not choose to draw conclusions from these parallel trends.

It is of course always nice to be thanked for one’s efforts, especially for something so significant as support for the creation of an entirely new state where none previously existed in the history of the world, in this case the state of “Palestine”.

Which, the Swedish government constantly assures us, is pro-peace, pro-coexistence, and definitely not anti-Semitic. How they ever could draw such conclusions when all the evidence points to the contrary.

But hold on a minute.

What is it that MP Hillevi Larsson is holding together with the flag of “Palestine”? (Remember that this is the country that Sweden financially supports more than it supports its own Swedish pensioners who actually built up Sweden’s economy.)

Why, it’s a plaque showing the borders of “Palestine” – the “Palestine” wholeheartedly supported with Swedish tax funds taken from Swedish pensioners, Swedish schoolteachers, Swedish nurses, firefighters, police officers and more.

And those borders show that UN member state Israel does not exist, it has been replaced in its entirety by “Palestine”.

Which coincidentally is exactly what the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmud Abbas proudly and openly says it intends to do: Wipe out Israel and replace it with “Palestine”.

Let’s get the facts right: Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström went on record as saying with regard to recognition of “Palestine” that “There is territory, a people and a government“. And as we can see, Wallström’s own Swedish government ministers support the territorial aspirations of the PA government: the entire territory of UN member state Israel.

Sweden, of course, knows better than the PA, Mahmud Abbas, Hamas, Khaled Meshal, Islamic Jihad and all the UN- and EU-funded terrorist organisations and their “moderate” talking heads. Sweden KNOWS that the Palestinians don’t mean what they say in their own charters (in English and Arabic) about wiping out UN member state Israel. Sweden also KNOWS the Palestinian Arabs don’t mean what they say in their sermons, on TV, in the newspapers, in school textbooks when they call on Palestinian Arabs to murder Israelis wherever and whenever they can. Sweden even KNOWS the Palestinian Arabs don’t really mean what they say when they clearly show the extent of the borders of their intended state – the one where Israel is clearly wiped off the map (here’s a photo of Mahmud Abbas posing in front of a map of “Palestine”).

Because Sweden KNOWS, you see. And Sweden has the advantage of being able to use the tax revenues of the entire Swedish nation to subsidise its obsession with “Palestine” while ignoring the plight of Swedish pensioners, who for the first time in post-War history are beginning to figure in homelessness statistics.

That’s the new Swedish government hard at work: sparing no effort on behalf of its constituents in Ramallah and Gaza.

Shame about its few remaining constituents in Stockholm and Gothenburg…


Ilya Meyer is deputy chair of the West Sweden branch of the Sweden-Israel Friendship Association. He blogs about Israel and Sweden’s relationship with Israel at A prolific blogger both at the Times of Israel and at, he made his debut as a thriller writer with the first of a trilogy, "Bridges Going Nowhere", where the action starts in Samaria and goes on to Sweden. The book is available from as an ebook and also in paperback.

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