Friday, October 24, 2014

Imagine if the New York Times knew how to sincerely apologize

...But to be honest, what prompted us to write now is not to quote Arab reports to you but rather a fierce desire to hear you say something contrite. Like this for instance:
"Yes, friends, for a moment my colleagues and I here in Israel's capital and in our company's editorial suites in Manhattan, did indeed lose our moral compasses again last night. But we're better now...

Frimet/Arnold Roth..
This Ongoing War..
24 October '14..

Jodi Rudoren
New York Times Jerusalem Bureau
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Mrs Rudoren

We are writing to you for the first time. It's about something quite shocking you published on your Twitter account this morning.

You Tweeted about an article penned by one of your Jerusalem NYT colleagues. It relates to a sickening attack - one that epitomizes what most people think about when they call an act 'cowardly' - by a violent Palestinian Arab man, Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, with a demonstrated commitment to terror and violence, driving a car. But someone in your newspaper tacked the words "police say" onto the headline. So reasonable people are going to know that there's no compelling reason to believe it was what the police say at all.

But what we know is Al-Shaludi very deliberately, and at devastatingly high speed, veered off Jerusalem's Route 1 on which he was traveling on Wednesday evening and drove directly into a cluster of ordinary Israelis standing on the platform of a Jerusalem Light Rail stop, the public transport system that makes it so simple - finally - for Arab Jerusalemites to head into the center of town comfortably, cheaply and often, which they do in large numbers.

The unsuspecting Israelis were mowed down like skittles. All, that is, apart from one, a tiny, pretty girl baby of three months old. She was flung violently into the air, we heard, but what was done to her tiny body is irrelevant to us at this point. Her grieving parents buried her last night.


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  1. The rationale behind pro-Palestinian boycotting of Israel, "It is the apartheid regime", "It is the occupation". The justification for Palestinian terrorism of Israel as early as 1920, "It is the apartheid regime", "It is the occupation". The Munich massacre, the Fogel family murders, the murders of three Israeli teenagers, the Park Hotel Passover bombing, the suicide bombings of pedestrians on Egged buses, of shoppers in malls, celebrants at Bar Mitzvahs, diners in cafes.. "It is the apartheid regime", "It is the occupation". The deaths of 160 Palestinian children used as slave labor to build tunnels, "It is the apartheid regime", "It is the occupation".
    In the lexicon of the rhetoric ridden, the theory of say it enough times and they will believe you apparently is a time honored formula for those propagandists intent on vilification of Israel. And now, added to the "justification" list, ending the short 90 day life of infant Chaya is the latest atrocity the pro-Palestinian apologists would have us believe is due to "the apartheid regime", "The occupation".
    Will the blinders ever come off a world that increasingly has had their vision so distorted that it refuses to stop issuing "get out of jail passes" to murderers and start recognizing that "It is Islamic terrorism"?