Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Moderate Peace Partners Who Refuse To Set Limits On Acceptable Terrorist Activities

Dr. Aaron Lerner..
IMRA Weekly Commentary..
14 August '13..

What do our “moderate peace partners” call someone who slices the throat of a baby in a cradle?

“A victim of the occupation.”

And what do our “moderate peace partners” demand Israel does with every Palestinian terrorist it is holding in prison – regardless of how heinous the crime?

Release them.

Yes. I am genuinely disappointed in the Palestinian leadership for their adamant refusal to draw any line whatsoever regarding what is unacceptable behavior.

Even in war there are rules.

In the least I would expect that for the sake of their own honor they themselves would want to punish those whose actions put themselves beyond the pale.

Unfortunately, it appears that for the time being that the Palestinian “moderate peace partners” are not going to join the rest of the family of nations and embrace the concept that there are crimes that must not go unpunished – even when they are committed by a Palestinian.

But that’s not the operative question.

The question is if this terrible moral stain on the Palestinian “moderate peace partners” should be ignored by their interlocutors.

Is it morally acceptable for the academics, politicians, diplomats, journalists etc. who meet with them to ignore this issue?

Is it moral for the release of the perpetrators of war crimes to be seen purely on an instrumental level (boost Abbas, facilitate talks)?

Suffice it to say that if Israel had an equally repugnant policy that it would be the first item on everyone’s list of talking points.

This is something that we should demand from the academics, politicians, diplomats, journalists etc. who meet with Palestinian officials.

This is something that the White House and State Department spokespeople should be cornered into addressing as well.

Yes. The Palestinian “moderate peace partners” are furious when this issue is raised.

Let them be angry.

They brought this on themselves.

Original Title: Condemning The Palestinian Moderate Peace Partners For Refusing To Set Limits On Acceptable Terrorist Activities


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