Friday, January 25, 2013

Negotiations resume based on Olmert concessions? No laughing please.

Dr. Aaron Lerner..
IMRA Weekly Commentary..
24 January '13..

Weekly Commentary: Absurd to demand negotiations resume based on Olmert concessions

Once again Palestinian officials are demanding that negotiations resume with Israel’s opening position being the tremendous concessions that Ehud Olmert offered Mahmoud Abbas.

This demand is an insult to our intelligence.

The Palestinians know full well that when an Israeli prime minister makes an offer that it is not binding on Israel unless the offer is brought before the Cabinet and approved. And even then, until a deal is signed, it only takes a unilateral vote of the Cabinet to rescind the offer.

One might argue that the same limitation applies to Palestinian offers.

This is a dynamic of the negotiations that introduces a risk to rejecting an offer in the hopes of getting even more concessions in the future.

If anything, “friends of peace” should rebuke the Palestinians for their ridiculous demand.

After all, if every concession made in the course of negotiations is permanent, an almost inevitable consequence will be that the Palestinians will never conclude an agreement as they continually seek more Israeli concessions.


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