Friday, October 21, 2011

CAMERA - An Answer to the New York Times' Question

19 October '11

Never ones to miss an opportunity to attack Israel, the New York Times editorial board took advantage of Gilad Shalit's release to yet again slam the country in an editorial today.

In it, the writer poses the following question:

One has to ask: If Mr. Netanyahu can negotiate with Hamas -- which shoots rockets at Israel, refuses to recognize Israel's existence and, on Tuesday, vowed to take even more hostages -- why won't he negotiate seriously with the Palestinian Authority, which Israel relies on to help keep the peace in the West Bank?

The answer is quite simple. Israel hasn't engaged in serious negotiations with the Palestinians because Mahmoud Abbas has refused to participate in such negotiations, disregarding a chorus of world leaders who have urged him to talk peace. Abbas has blocked talks with preconditions that even his violent predecessor, Yasir Arafat, didn't insist on.

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